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Monday, January 29, 2007

Shilpa - Celebrity Big brother

If I see it just as a competiton which was finally won by a fellow citizen, I must congratulate Shilpa for it. But, what is the competition all about? What is the skill/talent that was tested in this competition? Some of the questions I couldn't answer myself. If I get it right, its about celebrities living completely under the camera for 3 weeks and sharing living space. It's funny to note that this concept has become so populor. I am very sure that with Shilpa's victory this will inspire similar programs both at regional and national level TV channels, one of them I guess is the Big Boss recently won by a one-movie star Rahul Roy.

The racist row - Jade Goody's behaviour and other things that followed greatly helped Shilpa's chances. I am sure it wouldn't have been easy to be there facing the situation all alone for Shilpa afterthe celebrity life-style that she's used to back in India. Though a few days it must've been a good experience for her to remember for a life time.

Whatever the reason, its celebration time for Shilpa and I hope her experience will help in improving her acting skills.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Republic Day & telecast

Our republic day is a spectacle that I always don't miss. It's a great display of India's ability to organize such an event every year consistently. This is not as easy a job as it sees on TV for acouple of hours. It almost takes a year long planning and execution added to it is the security concerns.

Every year when I see the tabs and different regiments march it makes me feel good and proud. I was lucky enought to be there as a spectator twice. Watching the parade live despite the weather and security checks the amplification of pride and thrill in being there is manyfold.

The DD coverage is generally criticized and this year I watched the telecast by CNN-IBN and NDTV. It made me consider DD the best when it comes to commentory. In fact I didn't like the NDTV's interview running parallel to the parade commentory as most of the things discussed were disappointing, pessimistic negative thoughts. It could be genuine as they are thoughts from distinguished achievers but I don't think RD parade is a place for it. The media must understand the intellect level of the audience of any program while they plan for it.

CNN-IBN had an innovative way, they ran a parallel quiz for scholl children on India which was both interesting and informative.

It's good to have private players taking on the telecast of the parade as consumers benefit out of their technological superiority and it will also force DD to improve their standards. I am sure the viewership will also increase and thus getting more sponsors and money. If I let my imagination wander, someday we can even have a ticker at the bottom of the screen saying 'This regiment is sponsored by XXX' and hope it will not go to the extent of the marching troops pinning the labels of sponspors on their sleeves and the tabs, tanks and Sukhois painted with the sponsors brands.

There were a few disturbing observations on the regional celebrations. It's sad to know that it was just 150 people in Srinagar's parade and Gauwhati had less than 100 including the officials. It's not a good sign at all. We cannot accept it as a celebration when the security guards are more than the participants in any place. The state must take it as serious as I feel and try to improve the conditions immediately.

Though many countries are richer and powerful than India, I don't think there is any one country that can match our diversity and variety in culture which we MUST show case at least once a year to the world.

Ever proud to be an Indian...Jai Hind

Monday, January 22, 2007

KBC with Shah Rukh

I watched the first episode of Kaun Banega karodpathi hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. It was as per my expectation, good. I like Shah Rukh for the energy he radiates and intelligence though I don't consider him to be a great actor. He's back to small screen after decades to where he started. Such quiz shows circulate big money in the economy and it's also good that it makes people think for an hour of General Knowledge unlike the Saas bahu soaps.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Come back of the Prince

Though I am not a cricket fanataic it's been interesting to watch Sourav Ganguly's come back. His efforts needs due credit. He went out of the national team with shame but he had the grit to perform in domestic cricket and get back to the national team. With the stiff competition and the abundance of talents available to choose from, it's a great feat to be in again. Today he again proved his worth by scoring 98 runs against WI, a match that India ultimately won. Its too late to say this, but I always had a feeling that he will get back to the team. I put him in the bowl of fight-backers where I hold legends like Monica Seles, J.Jayalalitha and Andre Agassi.