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Thursday, February 1, 2007

TATA Corus takeover

Fantastic TATA camp, congratulations India.

This takeover is generally seen as the second geat steel takeover by India in this financial year. People miss out the fact that Mittal Steel is not an Indian company though Lakshmi Mittal is a proud Indian (we are proud of him too). So the real biggest takeover is this, the Corus by TATA.

It is really a proud moment for the nation to have won a stiff competition in an international market. There's a doubt if TATA paid a bit more than the worth but knowing the management efficiency and undoubtable track record of TATAs we can be assured of this to be a success.

It is also a moment for India to think why we exapnd and such acquisitions happen. TATA could as well have invested the money in India and expanded. This would have increased employment and overall money circulation.

A few questions for understanding such acquisitions...

Is it because the work force is too complicated in India?
Is it because the necessary skills is not available here?
Is it because we have a long entangled red-tape blocking fast impementation of any plan that people look out?
Is it because India does not have enough infrastructure to support such an expansion?
Is it because they are looking out for just another location in the world with adequate capacity to serve the market?

Who's going to answer these...?