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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dog killing spree in Bangalore

Just to set the context: Bangalore had a few cases of children mauled to death by stray dogs. Based on the reports (facts), the corporation has increased and is working day and night to capture and put to sleep as many dogs as possible. They are also working on closing down butcher shops without permits which act as fast foods for the stray dogs.

I was wondering if this is a long term soultion? Not at all. This is a quick fix.

1. Assembly elections are close by and long term plans never impressed(understood) by masses.
2. When it is a debate on human vs other species our decisions are always biased - naturally.

Bangalore has always lived with a great number of dogs for dog years. Its my strange observation that its just in this city that I see that dogs live and move in packs. Average-5, I can say. I have seen groups of 12 to 15 dogs and another peculiarity they had (not much anymore) is the dogs here climb walls and prefer to walk on it than on the roads.

Few years ago the corporation stopped (credit goes to various NGOs) killing them andinstead sterilized. The population still is growing, thanks to our efficient garbage disposal planning and hygenic food services available in every street corners. Free food, in abundance good climate lots of chics around, even I would multiply like rabbits/cockroaches.

Reading my comments will depict me as tilted towards anti killing. Yes, I am. I hate to see dogs being caught and killed but I will support if there is an epidemic of some sort (say bird-flu/rabies, etc) but this is not so. The law written for human in this country says that 'everyone is innocent until proven guilty' and even proven cases of terrorists and homicides walks away without capital punishment. The same country is trying to target and execute all the members of a species where there were isolated incidents.

This is the same mentality that causes incidents like Godhra and other community targetted violences.

We must step back and think of a long term solution to this problem than quick-fixes. I see:

1. Eductation
2. Good garbage management
3. Strict food inspection and permit system
4. Sterilization of dogs

as some good workable (difficultly enforcable) solutions but no pain no gain. If we are not ready to sweat let's stop dreaming of greater Bangalore, shanghai plans, singapore tidiness, etc. They are just fiction for us.


rohit said...

Hi Ganesh,

happened to read ur article on dog killing; Its vocal and quite rational what u wrote; There has to be a mechanism for things to happen. I agree.

I have to say blogging is quite an intellectual job and u seem quite articulate putting down ur views to words.

Its commendable;
U seem to be ur own journalist of sorts.


Sushruta said...

Would you like to join a bunch a ppl who are going to chickballapur (55 km of bangalore) to stop malabar killers from killing dogs.

Yasmine Claire said...

the people who are killing the dogs are from malabar. One Vincent and his team. their methods range from clubbing pups to death to injecting cyanide. they get Rs 50 per dog and do not even leave pets. they have killed thousands of dogs in Karnataka alone. they go wherever they are called.

what i want to know is how come they have such easy access to cyanide?

their methods are illegal according to the IPC-PCA act sec 428. how come they have not been arrested?

Susan Deborah said...

What you have expressed is of concern. Whenever its humans vs animals, humans get the brownie points. This seems to be an unwritten law of life!!!