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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time to discipline our bad old neighbour

I did not write such a comment when Pakistan was injecting terror all these years through the porous boundary we share with them. It is because I was sure that they had control of what they were doing, bad (not good) or bad that I hoped of a middle ground someday with them. It's all a hope you can have with them when no sanity has worked all these years. I write this when I see a terrible terrorist work in the Pakistani soil (today).

Terrorist attacks within Pakistan has increased a lot since Musharaff's political graph turned south. Until then, he at least seemed to be in control of their private/unofficial army along with the official one. As long as the flow is controlled by a single tap there is always an opportunity to sometime shut the flooding. Now, it looks like the pipe line is leaking in many areas and is under high pressure - it's dangerous.

Terrorist attacks in India has increased to alarming proprtions. US has lost patience and intruded into Pakistan's space to flex their muscles. In my opinion it was a good opportunity for Indian diplomatic machinery to have worked with the US and jointly send a strong statement to Pakistan by simultaneously stepping into it's territory and demonstrating a short burst of fire works.
It's a known secret that the 'D' of the D-company who is needed for the biggest terror attack on us is in Pakistan. It is also suspected that the man in demand for the biggest terror attack of the only superpower too is hiding there. It gives a reason for us to work together and send a message to the people who help them.

I am not a war monger and I believe that war solves no problem but I also believe in disciplining my rogue brother with the required strong action. If the situation continues, it'll not be too long for Pakistan to become an extension of pre-9/11 Afghanistan and it is quickly moving in that direction.