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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I watched Slumdog on the Saturday before I watched it bagging 8 oscars on Monday morning.

To me it's not an Oscar material from India, but wait, it's neither an Indain movie. It's just a movie made in India with Indians participating. There are much more good films churned out each year from Indian production houses, especially from the south. These opinions does not stop me from congratulating the team escpecially AR Rahman who deserves such a big recognition for his talent.

I don't say the movie is bad too. In fact, it does not even deserve any of the cricism that was voiced in India about it showing the country in bad light. When people of most regions use their version of 'dog' commonly to abuse people why the big ho-ho when used as a movie's name? It has more positive things in it than any such negative depictions which was not mere fictious but were closer to the truth. I like the way the story is spun around the questions of 'Who wants to be a millionaire'.

Though for their talent both Gulzar and AR Rahman deserves such honour but this is not the song which shows their talent. The lyrics is not special, to me it just is a collage made out of the national song 'Vande mataram' and anthem 'Jana gana mana' even the 'Jai Ho' is a modified version of 'Jaya he' of the national anthem. So is the music. It sounds so much similar to the 'Vande Mataram' composition that AR Rahman did for Bharatbala about a decade ago.

My postive take away is that it shows how in a colourful country like India you have so much opportunities to learn so many things than just by poring through volumes of books. No other movie has shown the begging racket of Bombay in such a clear way.

The only part I did not like in the movie is the way the game show host ridicules the chai waala participant. I think that was exaggerated and unlikely to happen in such a show.

Many would say that you need good luck to win such a game show, be it a slumdog or a millionaire. Maybe the same with Slumdog-millionaire with the Oscars too.