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Saturday, May 17, 2014

देर है पर अन्देर नही !

Wow! There's no other way to express myself on the 2014 Lok Sabha election results. After a few decades this nation has now stood together in delivering a verdict so telling about what it was going through with the incumbent coalition led by Congress. The down turn started right when they decided to have a highly respected and learned economist as a mere mute pawn for all the vicious moves that were planned to be staged.

The final numbers are so staggering that it forces me to get out of this long slumber away from blogging.

Listing 3 of many that must make anyone go WOW!
  1. Narendra Modi wins in Vadodara by a margin of 5.7 Lakhs, highest ever victory margin
  2. BJP wins 71 seats in just the state of UP, Congress and it's allies put together all India 58 (206 in 2009)
  3. Full sweep by BJP in 12 states/union territories
Ever since elections were announced and the dust settled down in the BJP camp on their choice for Prime Ministerial candidate, the only term that caught the country like wild fire is NaMo/Narendra Modi. He was a winning package bringing in everything needed to make heads turn (credited for the success of Gujarat as a model state), eyebrows raise (Gujarat communal violence), build confidence with strangers (eloquent speech) and win the faith of the crowds with proven track record (success story of Gujarat which he was heading for over a decade).

The scale of this victory so overwhelming that it inspires me to draw a parallel of Modi's achievement with that of another Gujarati, Mahatma Gandhi, for the capability to get this diverse nation stand together for one cause, the nation itself. I will not be surprised if by drawing this parallel I am criticized for going over board, but the achievement is no small one too by any scale. Everyone had long written off any possibility of any one party winning a total majority at the center, I don't think even members of BJP would've dreamt of such results. It's one of the 'Gone are those days…' items to have a Government in the center with total majority.

It has been a one man show throughout. In fact, BJP almost had nothing else to offer than Modi. It will be interesting to see the cabinet that they now will put together. Modi backed with a very efficient PR machinery rolled(roared) into action and projected the leader Narendra Modi on the face of every person in every possible medium so much so that it almost looked like that the Congress had given up at one point, even their attempt to come up with a thematic media projection of Rahul fell flat right at the get go. I think the low standard comment of Mani Shankar Iyer taking a dig on Modi's past as a Tea seller was the Waterloo moment of Congress. It just gave away a golden opportunity that was so well utilized by Modi's camp to literally mesmerize the people all the way into the polling both.

Rahul Gandhi was never a match to Narendra Modi in any angle. His television interview drove the last nail into the coffin of his political career, IMHO. At times, I pity him for being such a misfit pushed into something that neither he shows genuine interest nor comes naturally to him. I am sure Congress will next try to bring Priyanka to the fore. She is always seen to be a more dynamic, smart and Indira look alike personality.

Personally, I am glad that the Congress is decimated to such a nobody. Hope they learn from their mistakes, loads of them and get out of their dynastic dependence, elitist behavior and start thinking about the people.

With the laddoos distributed, fireworks exhausted and victory laps completed, its show time. Narendra Modi will fill the top seat with huge expectations from the people. He must first bring back honor to the PM seat. Its a while since the people saw a PM who could speak freely and connect with the people. I feared if Modi, who was successful in Gujarat with a majority power could  pull it off  running a tough coalition which is a lot different ball game. Luck could be it, he will now occupy the big seat with a total majority. Hope he lives up to the expectations.

A majority government needs a responsible and strong opposition as well to keep them honest, hope for now, that will be taken care of jointly by AIADMK, TMC and Congress.

Lots to be done, lots to be changed, for now it's his day…wishing him well in the new job and the nation under his leadership.

This is a change we all signed up for, we need to participate and we must make it succeed, if not blame ourselves. We've again proved that we are the most vibrant democracy.