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Sunday, April 8, 2007

India everyday: Dog killing spree in Bangalore

India everyday: Dog killing spree in Bangalore

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Beating a dead snake (Indian cricket team)


India had a shameful exit from the cricket world cup in just the first round. The media is full of criticism of the team, the individuals (ex-heroes) of the team, the coach, selection process and what not. Some of the cricketers' private property were damaged. The same properties were seen as temples just a couple of weeks earlier. Poojas performed for the success of the 11 gods (Indian team).

In the country, cricket is news and money, good or bad. Its like, as they say 'Love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it'.

This team had lost even before they started from India. There's nothing surprising about it. Just because it's our national team doesn't mean that it must win the cup. The championship is for champions and we all know that we don't have a champion team, so why do we beat this snake now when it had died long back. In past several months the Indian team occupied the headlines for every reason other than the game.

Spare the players, they are just a part of a bigger conspiracy. Ad campaign, selection committee, betting racket are the major players. It's difficult to digest the fact that we exited so soon losing against much inexperienced teams like Bagaladesh. There are lessons to learn, never take your opponent lightly. Everyday is a new day, be sensitive to the regional beliefs while imposing forign tactics (Chappell), be yourself and don't try to mimic others (Dravid) and much more...

It's time Indians put Cricket at it's right place, ignore it for a while and see it as just another game. It is a good time to promote games like football, hockey, tennis and athletics and grab public-interest and the money enjoyed by cricket all these years.